How to get referrals

*DEBRIGHTUPDATES* income Program is what I will be showing here today.

Many use facebook as a good medium to reachout and get referral and cashout daily, others use Whatsapp Tv, here we want to enlighten you on how the facebook advert works and how people take advantage of it and earn referral commissions.

Join lots of Facebook group

Advertise there and collect people WhatsApp number

Add them to your WhatsApp group or Invite them to your group

Set your group only Admins to comment to avoid spam.

Add at least over 150 people to your whatapp group daily trust me you are going to be making over 100k monthly

Tell them about the business and how it works.

Show them over 7-10 alert testimonies from our Facebook group.

You need to be doing it consistently even when you see no result, just know that there’s a beautiful day ahead..

Register them and start making cool cash daily..

Please note that this write up on how to get referrals on Debrightupdates technologies is not something I should have shared online. But for any person that sees it, and uses it wisely, Kudos!

If you are a serious minded person, you should start making over 20k every weekly on DEBRIGHTUPDATES  after this. Do well to share it as well with whoever you love to see succeed in DEBRIGHTUPDATES.