Bayelsa state confirmed 42 new covid-19 cases and recorded 6 deaths

Bayelsa state task force said that the state recently recorded another 42 new cases of coronavirus spreads in a space of three days, And another case of 6 deaths and one person discharged within the same period of time.


The Duputy- chairman of the coronavirus pandemic task force, Dr.Inodu Akpoku, who publicized this in a statement in Yenagoa Weekend, said that the confirmed new cases brings to over 128 cases in the state, the total number of confirmed covid-19 cases in the state. Which 9 people died and 90 cases are still active.


Akpoku also said, yesterday, 19th June 2020, that another 17 new covid-19 cases was confirmed in the state. Also on 17th June 2020, 25 new cases where also recorded in the state bringing the total number of confirmed cases in Bayelsa state to 128.


“After 1 patient was discharged from the treatment centre at NDUTH, it was unfortunate that we recorded 6 new death of the covid-19 pandemic bringing the total deaths to 9. We have 90 covid-19 cases in the state. It is so important to embrace to the guidance of public health advisories so as to reduce the rapid spread of the disease in the state. Always wear face mask and wash your hands regularly to stop the spread of this deadly virus.